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Chef Andrea Ravezzani of the Noosa Waterfront Restaurant is the tour de force behind the Italian Food & Vino Festival. Andrea has a burning desire to bring the best of his deep Italian heritage to Noosa. Showcasing what the Italian community in Australia has to offer is paramount for this chef.

Meeting his Australian wife Kerri brought him to Noosa and the gourmet love affair between the two countries began. Discover more about Andrea at the Italian Food & Vino Festival this year.


In the business of feeding people for generations, hospitality truly does run through the veins of the Galletto family.

Opening their first restaurant Capannina Ciccio in Northern Italy in the 1950s, the ‘little shack on the beach’ served local catch to the townspeople, and after multiple expansions continues to trade today, run by 3rd and 4th generation family members.

Following his heart to Australia, son of Cappannina Ciccio Lucio Galletto held the same passion as his parents, to share good food with the local community, and alongside wife Sally, Lucio’s in Paddington Sydney was born in 1983. Winning the heart of the local community, Lucio’s became one of Sydney's longest running and most successful restaurants, before closing in early 2021.

The next chapter for the Galletto family has begun on the Sunshine Coast as Lucio’s son Matteo Galletto, with wife Dieuwke and sister Michela opens Lucio’s Marina on the Noosa Marina. Overlooking the Noosa river, the restaurant was established to continue the family tradition of providing great food & hospitality within a thriving food community.

A seafood trattoria, Lucio’s Marina continues the traditions from Northern Italy, combining quality local catch with Italian culture. Highlighting the region’s offering, the team has designed a menu that will transport you to coastal Italy with a nod to the original Lucio’s menu.

Experience Lucio's Marina yourself at our Festival Closing Party.


NOOSA AUGUST 26-28, 2022

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